Managed Security

Security Management and solutions from Gradius protects businesses and employees from today’s cyber threats. With the increase of massive data breaches and devastating security compromises you need the right tools and monitoring in place to ensure your business security. Regardless of your business size or resources the ever-evolving threats from cyber criminals can evade even the seemingly best protected infrastructures. For those who think the rate of compromises is going to decrease in upcoming years, the current trend is not in their favor.

“According to a report released from Juniper Research, cybercrime alone will cost an estimated $2.1 trillion by 2019, almost four times as much as breaches in 2015. As these crimes become more sophisticated, and cyber criminals’ resort more to ransomware and crippling malware, businesses literally cannot afford to have subpar security.”

Gradius Security Administrators will collaborate with you on building and maintaining your organizations security policies and procedures and solutions including network assessment, security audit, planning, implementation, monitoring and management of complete data and network security solutions. After we analyze the state of your current network and discuss your specific business needs with you, we will help you create a formal security policy. It is important to define what the potential risk is for damage and whether you have the proper protection in place to mitigate that risk.

Some Security Services and Solutions:

End-Point Security - Managed Anti-virus and Anti-malware.

Web Security & Filtering - Protect end users from accidentally visiting malicious sites pushing malware, phishing, proxies, spyware, adware, botnets etc.

Email Security & Compliance – We will provide e-mail security, compliance and archiving solution that works with Office 365, Google Apps and in-house exchange Servers.

Compliance – Are you subject to meet compliance regulations? We can help your businesses meet your compliance requirements such HIPAA and SOX.

Security Assessment - Provide overall business security assessment and recommendations. We can provide vulnerability testing, penetration testing and physical security so we can see what your exposure is as a firm. We then will work with you to mitigate those exposures.

Vulnerability Management & Discovery - Discover and identify vulnerabilities, malware and potential threats on local networks, cloud infrastructures and web applications.

Gradius helps customers take a proactive approach to tightened IT security program that will be unique to your organization and designed to execute cybersecurity initiatives while achieving business objective.

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